Current projects

New apartments available for sale! Construction of the apartment building Z within the second stage of development was launched at the beginning of April 2021. This building is designed in a modern concept with charming views. Expected completion date 3Q / 2022.

In the popular town of Oslavany local center of the Padochov neighborhood 6 new family houses will be built. Houses with an imaginative facade and a purpose-built layout with garage and garden with plenty of space for use.

Planned construction of 3 family houses in Popůvka u Brna.

Residence Bučovické terasy is its location and modern construction concept designed for those of you, who in today's hectic year long for living in a quiet place and also appreciate the full civic amenities of the city.

Residence at the Chateau is a modern residential complex in Oslavany u Brna, designed to offer you everything you might demand from a comfortable housing in a small town, 25 km from Brno.